Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the treatments invasive and/or surgical?

No, all of our treatments are focused on non-invasive aesthetic procedures.

Is Best Shape a surgical or medical clinic?

No, Best Shape is an aesthetic center specialized in weight-loss and aesthetic procedures.

What treatments are offered at the clinic?

We range from a variety of treatments, such as: Slimming treatments for localized body fat, flaccidity, cellulite, strech marks, and fast weight loss.

Are there any restrictions to do the treatments?

Once the patient comes to visit one of our units, they go through a questionnaire & a bioelectronic evalution, which will indicate if the patient has any restrictions regarding our treatments.

Can pregnant women get procedures done?

Women are not recommended to get procedures done while on their gestation period. However, 40 days after giving birth, they can get an evaluation at one of our clinics and start the desired treatment.