Localized Body Fat Treatments

Localized body fat is the build-up of adipose tissue in certain areas of the body. A person's level of adiposity depends on several elements, such as genetic factors & eating habits. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle and poor posture might also induce fat accumulation.

Body fat present in the abdominal region is associated with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Besides that, they are also responsible for causing aesthetic discomfort in many people.

They aim to break down the localized body fat, which is eliminated by your own body through urine. In order to achieve visible results, we recommend our customers to complete at least five weeks of treatment.


Helps on decreasing localized body fat, losing measures and reshaping the silhouette.


A non-invasive form of treatment that releases sound waves that destroy localized body fat and cellulite fibrous fibers.


The vibrating platform provides better blood flow, stimulates the hormonal system, reduces cellulite and strengthens body muscle.